How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

How to keep your christmas tree fresh Here are a few clever ways to recycling your Christmas tree: Create an aromatic Yule log for your fireplace next Christmas Eve. Create a bird feeder and haven by stringing your tree with orange slices, cranberries, and bird-friendly goodies before. Reuse the Christmas tree by DIYing your own .

How to keep christmas tree fresh

To keep your Christmas tree fresh all season, trim the trunk promptly after purchasing to ensure it gets water and stays alive longer. Even if it means refilling the stand every day, tree hydration is the key to Christmas tree care by.
Make sure the tree is fresh. Cut it yourself at a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm. Or, if you shop at a retail lot. Take a light grip on one of the tree’s branches. Then pull the branch lightly through your hand. A fresh tree will lose few, if any, green needles. Two other options are to. Hold the tree by its trunk and shake it.
Keep your tree cool. Avoid positioning your tree near heat sources like fireplaces or heating vents, or even in direct sunlight. To slow the drying process, decorate the tree with mini-lights that don’t produce a lot of heat, and keep the room at a lower temperature. And always turn off the tree lights if you’re not going to be in the room.
Cutting the tree at a V or / angle. This actually decreases the area of which your tree can draw up water and potentially reduces freshness. Removing away the bark. The bark helps the tree retain moisture, so be sure to purchase a tree stand wide enough for the trunk of your tree. Sugar water or corn syrup.

  • Top Suggestions For How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

    For a full-size tree, maintain at least five quarts of water in your stand each day. As time goes on, you may see your water get murky or filled with pine needles. Monitor the cleanliness of your tree’s water and aim to change out on a weekly basis. Christmas Tree Care Tip #6: A freshly cut tree can consume a gallon of water in 24 hours.

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